Co-Teaching without the Burn-Out

Enabling Co-Teacher Teams with TeacherMade Interactive Lessons

Co-teaching (and team-teaching in general)  more important than ever. School systems are investing heavily in post-pandemic remediation for math and literacy, and increasing their use of tutors, 504/IEP teams, paraprofessionals, and substitutes. But co-teaching can be complicated. It's also a new concept to many parents, Teachers, and staff. 

So how can a school principal ensure her co-teaching initiatives are successful? Fortunately, there is a lot of research on the subject, and a lot of things school leaders can do to support co-teaching. But making co-teaching work in real life - while avoiding Teacher burn-out - is still a tall order. Digital learning software can help. It can make team-teaching more manageable and lighten Co-Teachers' workload.

In most cases Teachers are already trained to use co-teaching software: any Teacher who taught remotely during the pandemic is familiar with at least one tool for creating digital lessons. As long as that tool has the right combination of capabilities that enable co-teaching, you have a powerful ally in your co-teaching efforts. TeacherMade is one of those tools.

1. An easy way to create new digital lessons and activities. TeacherMade lets educators create new interactive lessons - or turn PDF assignments into digital interactive lessons - with a drag-n-drop interface.

2. Data sharing. Any Teacher can invite collaborators to their TeacherMade account with Read-Only access to monitor student progress. 

3. Easy versioning of lessons & activities. Teachers can also invite collaborators with Edit access, to create versions of TeacherMade activities that with needed accommodations and scaffolding. 

4. Team grading and feedback. Teachers with Edit access to a another Teacher's TeacherMade account can help grade assignments and give student feedback (including written comments, audio feedback, and virtual stickers).

5. Auto-Grading. TeacherMade has 12 different auto-graded question types, making it easy to use frequent formative assessment. 

6. Activity Sharing. Teachers and curriculum professionals can share their TeacherMade activities with each other, so Teachers don't need to re-invent the wheel. 

Video: How to Invite a Co-Teacher and Set Permissions in TeacherMade

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